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Orphanage in Abidjan

During the month of January, Kyara took the initiative of going to an all-girls orphanage which was one hour and a half away from where she lived to play and help the children that were there. She would get her parents to drive her there once a week so that the kids could have a fun day playing with her. Before going there, she told me that she had an amount of money that she could spend to plan her day with the girls. She would organize games such as football and painting.


Kyara and the girls

"I had never felt so much joy and satisfaction before. I feel grateful that I get to spend time with them and putting a smile on their faces is a very heartwarming experience." - Kyara Daswani

The girls painting

Deliveries in Azerbaijan


A house of one of the families Fatima helped

While Fatima was in Azerbaijan, she tried her best to help people that were starving after having gone through another lockdown in their country. She got in contact with some families that needed help with buying necessities that they could not afford. To help, she delivered food, diapers, toiletries, etc... to the families. Because of Covid-19, she had to make sure it was safe for them and for her so she left the boxes outside their homes. On the left, you can see a picture of one of the families' home. This opens our eyes and lets us see in what terrible conditions these people are living

"I felt part of the community as I was helping those families. It taught me to be grateful and to always help others who may be struggling during these tough times" - Fatima Abdullayeva


The food Fatima delivered

Please find the pictures of everything that Kyara Daswani and Fatima Abdullayeva have done on the next page

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